Sunday, December 6, 2015

About me (I)

    My name is Goh Cheng Yang, and I would like to be addressed as Cheng Yang. 

    I like origami, and like to play games. My favourite game is Minecraft. This can explain the photo I uploaded on top^. I also like to watch animal documentaries, especially those related to wildlife, cats and survival.

    I do not really have a favourite sport, because I like almost every one, except dangerous and too vigorous ones.

    I like to pass time with origami, or read books. My favourite book series is I am Number 4. This is because I have a special liking of adventure books. Apart from book of the adventure genre, I like books from the mystery genre, and books with lots of suspense. I do not really like horror books, though they have suspense in it. 

    The best origami I have folded might either be the unicorn, or the fiery dragon. Both of which I like. I can't really tell which is better.

    I am very friendly, will not attack, and share interest with lots of people. In my P6 class, I am also dubbed 'origami king' or 'origami master'. You can call me that, unless you feel that you are better than me, or someone else is better than me. I am okay with it, since I know that I am not the best, and will never be.
    I was nominated for ECHA in my school, though I feel that I am not up to the standards. I take initiative, and like to volunteer( if I am not scared to do whatever I am volunteering for). I never hesitate to ask teachers questions. I show respect, and help people when they need it. I also like to stay back in class after school to clean up, arrange tables and close the windows, and I do it everyday. It is quite FUN, honestly. So whenever you need help in anything, just call me. : )

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